There is no end to what can be done with Raspberry Pi!

Have you watched the series Mr. Robot? If your answer is yes, you know the scene where Elliot
Alderson hacked the Steel Mountain company. The secret to Elliot’s ability to achieve this wasn’t just
his superior abilities! He was able to achieve this with the Raspberry Pi. While Raspberry Pi was used
even in software-based series watched worldwide, of course, the eyes of the whole world would be
on these cards. Indeed, the areas of use are innumerable.

What can be done with Raspberry Pi?

In this writing, I want to tell you how our printed circuit board can help itself. Exactly like this:
Raspberry Pi can turn into a CNC machine. What I mean by myself is this. When the necessary and
quality components are placed on the PCB, we simply have a Raspberry Pi. CNC machines are used in
the production of PCBs. In the PCB process, CNCs allow us to drill holes on the plate. So when you
buy a Raspberry Pi and other necessary products, you can produce PCBs at home. Pretty great.

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