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What Is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a kind of single board computer. This means that all units required for a computer such as processor, RAM, input and output units are gathered on a single circuit board. Due to its small size design and dense structure, these computers can be used in robotic projects, smart home systems, embedded systems, kiosk devices, and as desktop computers to which peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and screen can be connected. Computers such as Raspberry Pi can be preferred in cases where microcontroller cards such as Arduino are not capable of power or when more than one operation is required at the same time. In addition to Linux operating systems, Raspberry Pi has the ability to run many ready-made systems specially developed to perform activities such as gaming device, media center, network device.


What To Do With Raspberry Pi?

Using Raspberry Pi, it can implement various software projects using almost any programming language that can run on Linux. You can develop software on Raspberry Pi with programming languages ​​such as Python, which is simple to understand and easy to use for beginners, block-based Scratch specially developed for children, and Java or C/C++ for more advanced users. Using the pin connections on the Raspberry Pi, you can turn on and off the LED light, control the movements of the electric motors, read different types of sensor data, set up your own IP camera system using the cameras compatible with the Raspberry Pi, and turn on and off the 220V AC powered devices with additional modules such as the relay card. If these types of projects do not interest you, you can connect a keyboard, mouse or screen to Raspberry Pi. In this way, you can literally turn it into a computer and have a system with very low power consumption.