Mining with Raspberry Pi 4B!

With the digitalizing world, the money used has also turned into digital. Bitcoin has appreciated
worldwide, causing everyone to learn the concept of coins, and many coins have emerged. One of
them is dogecoin. Its value increased considerably when Elon Musk wrote #dogecoin on his Twitter
account. But these coins are not earned like normal money. To earn them, you need to mine.
Can Raspberry Pi 4 Model B be used for mining? Of course, it can be used, but you also need to buy a
device to measure the refrigerant and electricity consumption. After mining for an hour, you can
compare your Raspberry Pi with the full load. At the end of the day, you can decide whether you will
use your Raspberry for this purpose by comparing the amount you will pay for the electricity you
spend and the amount you will earn from mining.

Remote Control Car and Raspberry Pi 4B

Most of us have played with remote control cars. The working principle of these cars was signal
oriented and commanded up to a point. In other words, if he got far enough away, at some point he
could not move the car and we had to approach him. With the development of technology, toy cars
have come to the point where they can operate in many areas. These remote-control cars are used
by the police to the places where land exploration is done. You can even send your remote control
car to the market while you are at home. I watched a video about it. The man was putting money and
writing in his remote-controlled car with a camera, driving the car to a market, and then buying a
banana. So how did these tiny vehicles start to travel such long distances? Thanks to the Raspberry Pi
4B! This card eliminates the concept of range by creating a WiFi zone.

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