About Raspberry pi Installation

Connect your Raspberry Pi Now connect everything to your Raspberry Pi. It’s important to do this in the right order so all your components are safe. (NOOBS aracılığıyla) oluşturduğunuz Raspbian işletim sistemli SD kartını, Pi ‘nizin alt yüzeyinde bulunan micro SD kart yuvasına takın. Note: Most micro SD cards will come in a larger converter … Read more

Object Identification with Raspberry Pi

Necessary materials: Raspberry Pi 4 Raspberry Pi Camera 20×4 LCD Display Button Speaker jumper cable 3D Printed Box (bottom – top) When we press the button, the camera takes a photo. The captured image is sent to TensorFlow and the image is processed. As we mentioned before, TensorFlow tries to make sense of the image … Read more

Ambient lighting for your telly with Raspberry Pi

I’m exhaustively (re-)watching all Star Trek ever, including the undeservedly neglected early-1970s animated series, and (obviously) the films. What would make it even better would be finding the time and tuits to enhance the experience with ambient lighting for my TV. Not the expensive off-the-shelf kind; the kind you make yourself at a fraction of … Read more

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