Build your computer with Raspberry Pi 4B!

If you’re a tech-savvy person who likes to create products, you can build yourself a computer with
the Raspberry Pi 4B. Building a computer is pretty easy with just a few parts. This model of Raspberry
Pi has its keyboard in the computer set-up box, but what you can do is not limited to this. For
example, making a laptop is also in your hands, making a desktop. If you make your decision in favor
of the desktop, you will even be able to see your IP address in your computer case. You can also
download any software you want to this wonderful card, such as Microsoft 10 Then you can start
using your new computer!
There are three variants of the Raspberry Pi 4B with 1, 2, and 4 GB of RAM, but if these three cards
are mixed, how can we distinguish just by looking? I can start by saying that they are the same as
components. There is no difference between the top views. However, it is possible to distinguish
from the writings on the chip. You will be able to see the codes D9WHV for 4GB, D9WHZ for 2GB, and
4HBMGCJ for 1GB on the chip.

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